Just want to let you know how wonderful and hard of a worker Maria is. Her attitude is incredible and her meticulous attention to detail has definitely wowed us!!! We so appreciate your services and look forward to working with her in the future!

Jessica Martin
Dallas, TX

My daughter decided to give me a house cleaning for my birthday. It is, without doubt, the best birthday present I have ever gotten. I guess that the house had reached the point where I just didn’t want to deal with it. I had never had a house cleaner before and had no idea where to look for one, especially since we live in Greenville, which is not known for its amenities. My daughter is an English professor in Austin, and she made all the arrangements over the phone.

I really did not know what to expect, but Maria is an absolute wonder. She is tireless, works very hard, is very thorough, and is a joy to work with—very professional. She is absolutely indefatigable. This house has never been so clean!!

I would certainly recommend her to any one who needs a house cleaner. My husband has already recommended her services to two women at the gym we go to.

Thanks, Maria!!

Mary Catherine Thomas
Greenville, TX

I’ve never been more impressed with a cleaning service! Maria is awesome. She not only did a very thorough job of cleaning my home, she went above and beyond with the extra touches, like toilet fresheners and small glass containers with bath beads in every bathroom.

Maria is excellent and I will be recommending her and her company to everyone! Thank you Maria, not only for the great cleaning job, but also for your wonderful customer service. I will definitely be using Miss Bubbles Cleaning Professionals again.

Amy Young
Plano TX

My name is Heather, I live in Wylie with my husband and two dogs in a two story townhome. We have had a few cleaning services work in our home over the last year with results varying from terrible to wonderful. The last being from Miss Bubbles cleaning services. I knew right away that Maria was going to be easy to work with, she was very professional over the phone and her services were detailed so I scheduled her to come out and give our home a deep cleaning. She didn’t disappoint, once she was done with the house she asked me to do a walk through and I have to say I was impressed with how thorough she was and clean my home felt. We brag to our family and friends what a wonderful service she provides and how pleasant she is to work with. She doesn’t waste a lot of time talking but she is certainly friendly and worth trying out! One of our favorite things Maria does is add little touches around the house with aroma beads and the little gel things you put in the toilet. She was a little more expensive than we were used to paying so we had to cut back how often our home is services but it is totally worth the sacrifice!

Pros: detailed cleaningprofessional and pleasant flexible with a wide range of services offered (laundry, dishes, organization, etc.)

Cons: more expensive than the other services I have used (but clearly I was getting what I paid for).
Thanks for a great job Maria!

Heather Walker
Wylie TX

Honestly, I called Miss Bubbles as a last resort. They were the only ones available to do a last minute, same-day home cleaning – and I’d never heard of them before so wasn’t expecting much.

I was blown away. Maria got there just a few hours after I called and did an amazing move-out clean on a house with three years of gunk and dust bunnies the size of cocker spaniels. On top of that, she was fast, friendly and professional, and made sure we were absolutely satisfied before she left.

I will absolutely recommend her to my friends. Thanks Maria!

Jeff Joiner
Denton TX

We have a new maid. Miss Bubbles…….She even vacuumed on top of the china cabinet. She set out little bowls of smelly beads. I swear to god this house has NEVER been this clean. If you need a maid I got a good one for you! She is the deal! WOW! Came home from work to a spotless house, amazing………..

Kevin Spivey

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